Naturopathy V Functional Medicine: What’s the Difference?

Lifestyle Medicine
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What’s the difference between Naturopathy and Functional Medicine? It’s a very good question and with the many different practitioner titles in the UK natural health arena and the increasing traction of Functional Medicine in the UK, much confusion can arise. In this blog, we’re going to explore the two areas…

Are Naturopathic Techniques Still Relevant?

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Naturopathic practitioners are trained to utilise diet and lifestyle changes to harness the healing power of nature. Alongside these modalities, a selection of techniques such as enemas, castor oil packing, dry skin body brushing, sauna and Epsom salt baths may also be recommended. But are these techniques really necessary as…

What To Listen To In The World Of Health – Summer 2019

Podcast Reviews
It’s time for the Nutrigold summer health review and this time we’re recommending the latest must-listen-to health and wellness podcasts so you don’t even have to expend energy on picking up a book as you enjoy the summer weather. Podcasts are a great way of hearing about the latest exciting…