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Intention vs Resolution

intention vs resolution
Digging deeper into the success vs. failure of New Year’s resolutions Intention: noun a thing intended; an aim or plan. Resolution: noun a firm decision to do or not to do something. The term itself, “New Year’s Resolution,” can lead to fear or apathy for many depending on the amount of change we want…

Naturopathy V Functional Medicine: What’s the Difference?

herb re-sized
What’s the difference between Naturopathy and Functional Medicine? It’s a very good question and with the many different practitioner titles in the UK natural health arena and the increasing traction of Functional Medicine in the UK, much confusion can arise. In this blog, we’re going to explore the two areas…

Is a Vegan Diet Healthy?

There’s no doubt that vegan diets are becoming an increasingly popular way of life. Fresh statistics from Veganuary 2019 showed this year’s event proved even more popular than 2018, with an estimated 250,000 people from over 193 countries pledging to change to a plant based diet for the entire month of January.

Festive Chocolate Treats

Looking forward to a Christmas chocolate selection pack this year? Well you won’t be alone as two fifths of Britons admit to eating chocolate at three meals a day! But what if there’s a chocolate treat that we can enjoy and might even impart some health benefits if eaten in moderation?

Are cannabis derived oils legal?

There’s no doubt that cannabis derived supplements are hitting the headlines this year and that CBD (cannabidiol), a major component of cannabis plants, are causing a revolution in several areas of health. But are cannabis-derived oils legal? Do they help health or just get you ‘high’?