Essential Fatty Acids

Does CBD oil need omega 3 EFAs to work?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) plants and every day there seems to be a new article purporting the health benefits of this popular oil. One of the main research areas into CBD oil containing full spectrum hemp extracts has focussed on its anti-inflammatory effects through modulating…

So why is Krill Oil so special?

Want Healthy Looking Skin? Krill Oil Can Help!

Krill oil is the number 1 choice in the UK for omega 3 essential fatty acid (EFA) supplementation and there’s good reason: The omega 3 EFAs in krill oil are in phospholipid form and are proven to have 47% greater bioavailability compared to triglyceride forms of omega 3 EFAs. Now that’s value for money!